Gameday Thread - Seahawks vs Giants 11.7.10

Re: Gameday Thread - Seahawks vs Giants 11.7.10

Postby Northern Hawk » Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:01 pm

ugly ugly and ugly! I fully expected our offense to struggle against their defense, but I had no idea they would peel us apart, eat us up and shit us out on offence too! I'm speachless...

several random thoughts...

thank you beer man for making continous visits to our saved my day

Seabirdz...your girlfriend is a giants fan? what the hell were you thinking

and most I was right there...Kilt wasn't hugging no Steve Smith...he grabbed him and yelled in his ear that he was a fucking asshole...this was not a social visit! Screw Steve Smith...and Chris Diele...nice show of class too you big piece of shit. Pretty professional to allow some drunk ass fans to get under your skin like that!

Don't make me punch you in the throat!
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